Coffee Worled 1

1    The different types of coffee and its secrets and, it is Arabic coffee for American and Turkish and espresso, passing through the cold types of coffee.
People talk about the quality of the taste of coffee in a particular place without another without that one realized that the password and the difference lies in the Coffee used, which adopt the Castillo and there are hundreds of types of coffee and shakes used.
Coffee can be divided into user universally in coffee to basic types, are the Arabica robusta, lies the fundamental differences between them in the bait and agriculture and price. We use in Castello only Arabica coffee 100%
and 70% of world coffee production is of Arabica and Robusta coffee a year on, while 30% is of Robusta which is grown high in the mountains, and is considered the best compared to other types of coffee citrus features cherry flavor sharp or flower grown in Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ethiopia.
The robusta beans smaller and more circle of Arabica and robusta coffee a year on is grown in the plains, and specifically in Vietnam, Brazil, India, Indonesia, a sharp and more bitter consists of arabica and robusta coffee a year on heavy. The use of good quality robusta in some combinations to provide better espresso foam.
And those who want to get more than a quantity of caffeine secret lies in robusta
After roasting the Arabica and robusta coffee a year on the less than 2% of caffeine, while robusta pills may contain 4% or more than adequate, and the more roasting temperature decreased the percentage of caffeine in coffee beans.
and feature coffee in Africa with the scent of lemon grass and flowers, while in Asia and the Pacific fruity wild herbs and the smell of the ground, either in Latin America feature fruity nuts and cocoa.

agricultural areas for coffee:

Central and Latin American:
feature for unroasted flavor due perhaps to clear roads wetlands in their preparation and months kinds of Costa Rican and Colombian.

East Africa:
feature sharply for unroasted flavor whilst soaked fruit and all kinds of Ethiopian and Kenyan.

Arab Peninsula:
and special flavor, which carries the taste of chocolate and spices is due to the methods of preparing drylands.

Indonesia and East Asia:
bitter coffee and a sense of a distinctive characteristic of the tongue, and months types (Sumatra)